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SynthEyes™ is a camera and object tracking (a.k.a. match-moving) and stabilization software application for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, offering high performance and a wealth of features at an affordable price. SynthEyes's latest features include 3-D planar tracking, "phases" for solver setup, corner tracking, rolling-shutter compensation, survey-shot handler, and a user-interface refresh. Use SynthEyes for animated critter insertion, fixing shaky shots, virtual set extension, 3D stereoscopic production, architectural previews, accident reconstruction, virtual product placement, face and body capture, and more.

SynthEyes licenses are available for purchase through the online store or try the demo version. Got SynthEyes 2011, 2008.x, 2007.x, 2006.x, or 2004? See the pricing, renewal, and upgrade details.

We have an amazing site license offer for schools: $495 for a one-year site license.

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  • November 18th: SynthEyes 1311 Build 1029 (All platforms). A huge new 3-D planar tracking feature set, so big it needed its own 47 page manual! "Run Now" for After Effects exporters saves time. Enhanced texture extraction for less blur on traveling shots and complex meshes. Motion blur for the perspective view's Preview Movie, plus ASF, MP4, and WMV writing from Windows. And Python and Extreme scripting are now available to all Pro users. Plenty more, see our Facebook page and the recent change list online or in-app for full details. 3-D planar tracking plus our new even-more-affordable pricing? WOW! And no charge for in-support customers.
  • Hot topics: Floating licenses, Linux version, Python Scripting, Rolling Shutter White Paper, Community Translation Project, fast release model, Intro vs Pro version, upgraders from 2011.
  • Freelance Jobs? We periodically get requests for freelance trackers. If you are interested in taking on tracking projects, please follow our Twitter account SynthEyesHQ. If you need a freelance tracker, please post in the Jobs section of the forum, then contact sales by email so we can tweet about it.

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